Product Sales Training

During March a Product Sales Training course was held at the Shanghai Office of our sister company Advanced CAE, on all of ATAC’s Products to an audience of Advanced CAE China Sales, Engineering and Service personnel and also to several customers from various Refineries and Processing Plants within China who had been invited to attend.

The Training was well received and resulted in a number questions & enquiries from the customers as to the capabilities of ATAC analyser equipment for various applications and projects. It was also a great opportunity for the Sales personnel to understand the complete range of analysers available and for the Service personnel to ask some “in-depth” service questions.

Part of the training was also on sample conditioning systems which presented the opportunity for the Engineering staff to understand more about sample system design specific to our analyser requirements and application.

This was a great opportunity for our  customers to learn more about ATAC’s established products and new product launches. It also helped them to understand the breadth & range of equipment available to them through the whole of both Advanced Group and ATAC.  The course was a success and a good opportunity for personnel and customers to meet and get to know each other as well as discuss opportunities within China. On the last evening of the course there was a very enjoyable end of course dinner which again allowed for everyone to get to know each other further and informally.

If you or your company or organisation feels that you would benefit from an ATAC Sales or Service Training course then please contact ATAC via this website.  All courses can be tailor made to suit your requirements.


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