Our well renowned brands of Hallikainen (viscosity analyser, vapour pressure analyser, boiling point analyser & colour / opacity / haze analysers) and Hone (distillation analyser, cloud point analyser and flash point analyser) are well known for their reliability, accuracy and durability. Our products, which are designed to follow the ASTM methods, provide better precision and accuracy than laboratory analysis with real time on line data for tighter process control.


We are able to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions using a wide range of process analysers, engineered to the highest standards and specifications. Manufacturing is done to the highest standard within our systems production facilities in the UK, Middle East, Singapore or China.

Research & Development.

ATAC has an expanded and dedicated R&D team, working on an ambitious program of enhancement to our existing process analysers as well as designing new products for new applications. Check the Press Room for updates.

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