Flash Point

Flash Point: The lowest temperature at which a liquid is capable of forming an inflammable vapour with air. It is an important factor to be considered when using, transporting and storing fuels. Below the flashpoint temperature the liquid wll not ignite. There are a number of standard flashpoint test methods that use different apparatus and procedures and give different results.

Hone 4400 Flash Point

Optimise your process control

The Hone Flashar is a completely automated process stream analyser for measuring flash points.
With a low temperature catalytic detection method to increase reliability as well as exceeding the ASTM method the Flashar is the ideal solution for your Flash point needs.

Key Features

  • Exceeds ASTM D93, D56
  • Low Temperature Catalytic Detector
  • Wide Range
  • Continuous Measurement
  • ATEX Certified

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