Cone & Plate Viscometers

Cone & Plate Viscometer – model CPD2000

Analytical Technology & Control Limited manufacture a range of cone & plate viscometers, these units were originally known as the ICI cone and plate viscometers. They were previously manufactured by Research Equipment (London) Limited who were purchased by ATAC in 2013.

Established in 1947, Research Equipment (London) Limited designed and manufactured scientific equipment for over 50 years supplying a wide section of international industries involved in paint, varnish, resins, bitumens, inks, food and pharmaceutical production.

A range of options are available in the developed instrument and these optional extras are incorporated on each At Line Viscometer to suit individual customer needs.

Key Features

  • Multi Speed. Available in three set ranges of 3, 6 & 8 speeds
  • Thermostatic Control. Available in two ranges: 10 – 75ºC and 25 – 230ºC
  • Displays: Instrument range, plate temperature, reading poise (P)
  • Interface with PC, software provided
  • Ease of use and rapid usage
  • Small sample size; Less than 1ml
  • Accuracy +2% of full scale
  • Calibration adjustment: The viscometer is easily recalibrated to a standard oil
  • Equipment can be configured to customer requirements
  • Temperate is measured by a temperature sensing device located in the plate
  • Auto Zero
  • Manufactured to BS 3900: A7, ASTM 4287, ISO288


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