Cone & Plate Viscometers

The NµLine Cone & Plate Viscometer is a self-calibrating, highly adaptable ‘At-Line’ instrument designed to give you a cost  effective and robust option between sensitive  laboratory instruments and the  lower end ‘Go-No-Go’ type viscosity  measurement devices currently on the market.

Readings can be taken at variable shear rates, using multiple speeds and at temperatures between 10°C to 230°C, with advance graphing outputs via the integral PC interface software, including ‘Shear Drop-Off’ the NµLine Cone & Plate Viscometer is a cross over instrument between ‘At-Line’ quality and batch control and product research and development.

Its rugged design continues to meet the high demands of cutting edge manufacturing environments due to both its reliability and its performance; with many new features designed to meet the diagnostic needs of modern production standards.

Key Features

  • Variable speed settings: 5RPM in integer increments up to 900RPM
  • High Rate of sheer
  • Low Temperature Model REL0100 10°C to 100°C variable Temperature range with sub-ambient capabilities
  • High Temperature Model REL0230 25°C to 230°C variable Temperature range
  • Instrument range, plate temperatures and viscosity reading with selectable units all software displayable
  • PC Interface Software is provided to allow the user to analyse and record results as well as run sweeps as required
  • The Viscometer is pre-calibrated, certificated and ready to use straight out of the box
  • Free cone of choice with all new machines, with easy self-calibrating routines for quick and easy set-up
  • Sample Size less than 1ml
  • High quality, value for money product manufactured to BS EN ISO2884-1: 2006
  • Designed to withstand use in rugged manufacturing environments
  • Durable design for extended frontline service

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