Cone & Plate Viscometers

ATAC is celebrating the 4th anniversary of the acquisition of its Cone and Plate Viscometer business from Research Equipment London Ltd (also known as REL). The Cone & Plate products are complementary to ATAC’s world renowned capillary type Process Viscometers designed for the Oil & Gas industry

Originally based on ICI Cone & Plate Viscometer technology, the highly reliable & robust Cone & Plate instrument is used in a wide range of manufacturing industries & applications including; paints, varnishes, inks, resins, food & beverage, cosmetics & pharmaceuticals.

Since acquiring the business in 2013, ATAC has successfully sold many units to our customers around the world & in doing so we are continuously gathering feedback on how we can improve the & develop our products.  The R&D team here at ATAC have been working very hard in this regard with a view to producing the next generation of Cone & Plate Viscometer products.  We hope to bring more news of these exciting developments to you very soon so, please continue to follow this site for further updates.

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