Nuline – Innovation and continuous improvement

Here at ATAC we strive for innovation while focussing on real world challenges.

In this respect we see the feedback we receive from our customers as essential to the continuous improvement
of our products.

Based on this feed back and working closely with our customers we have recently introduced some key improvements to our Nµline Cone & Plate Viscometers;

• An upgraded motor controller for improved operational stability.
• An upgraded stainless steel sheathed and fully insulated thermocouple, This offers;
A significantly improved temperature response.
Better temperature control, typically +/-0.1C.
Easier to fit and secure from movement.
• New heat control software has improved control and stability, including shortening of the temperature calibration process and which is now fully customer accessible through the GUI.
• The new software also offers greatly improved temperature control in changing ambient temperature conditions and the instrument now automatically adjusts its control parameters if the ambient temperature changes by more than 0.2C.
• Software monitors the performance of the instrument during temperature calibration and will issue a warning if the stability is outside of its normal range.

We have also introduced a new temperature calibration probe & disc to fit all available cones sizes.

These important developments have lead to a machine which is significantly more consistent, stable and has very responsive temperature control even in changing ambient conditions.
The Nuline now responds and controls quicker to temp changes quicker than the externally calibrated temperature probes in our test instruments (Fluke)



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