ATAC has new ownership and governance

ATAC (Analytical Technology and Control Ltd) has new ownership and governance. Dr Mark Turpin and Ray Browne joined hands to usher the company into a new era.

Ray Browne, ATAC Managing Director, said: “ATAC has an amazing legacy and an excellent team to start this journey. Since we are very conscious of the spiralling prices, we are making fundamental changes and implementing competitive policies to shift our focus back to our customers and distributors.”

Dr Mark Turpin, ATAC Development and Engineering Director, said: “We will concentrate our efforts on core business and areas of strength. We are already developing new products, particularly aimed at measuring viscosity in laboratory and process environments. ATAC intend to expand further and invest in our NµLine product range of viscometers.”

With a substantial investment in Research and Development, in the next few years, our focus will be on bringing to market products that will fulfil our customers’ and industry’s requirements. And as part of our commitment to our clients, we will continue supporting all our new and old products.

ATAC is keen to build closer ties with existing and new customers to become the supplier of choice once again for bespoke solutions for complex and challenging measurements.

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