Boiling Point / Distillation

With costs ever increasing, there is a real requirement to optimise the processes in the refinery to ensure there is minimal give away and optimum use of plant utilities. The D86 Boilar is designed to ensure the optimum control of distillation and column control. The D86 also lends itself to the fast and efficient control of on line blending operations.

D86 Boiling Point

Optimise your process control

Following on from the highly successful Hallikainen Model 1463 the new microprocessor controlled D86 Boilar utilises the latest designs to incorporate ultrasonic level detection, automatic barometric compensation and a multi stream capability which can further meet your continuous boiling point needs. It is a development of the laboratory D86 Distillation test method allowing the user to complete the 95% distillation point continuously instead of waiting 45 minutes for the cycle to be complete. Whilst the D86 Boilar is designed to provide a single distillation point output, ATAC are also able to offer solutions for multiple distillation point product characterization, please contact for further details.

Key Features

Correlation with ASTM D86
Continuous Measurement
Atmospheric Pressure Compensation
Colour LC Display
Multi Stream Capability
Auto Calibration / Validation
ATEX Certified

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