Process Gas Analysers

Gas Analyser: Instrument for determining the qualitative and quantitative composition of gas mixtures.

Total HydrocarbonsBinary StreamTrace Gas Analysis

23 Series Total Hydrocarbons Gas Analyser

With both Auto-calibration and Auto-validation features for ease of use and in-depth reporting, the 23 Series is designed to continuously measure and monitor concentrations of hydrocarbons in a gas stream. Reliability and stability are guaranteed even in low ppm ranges with an approved low detection limit. It is also available to measure CO & CO2 with a dedicated methaniser module available. Internal zero/span/sample solenoids are provided for automatic programmed operations with Auto Zero, Auto Calibration Check and Auto Range functions to ensure seamless operations for operators. Furthermore, alternative purged and wall mounted versions are available in addition to the bench mount to suit all work environments.

Key Features

  • Available as a % analyser, ppm analyser or ppm analyser with methaniser
  • Rack, wall mount and purged versions available
  • Easy to use interface provides user access to all features
  • Display monitoring flow control on all gas lines
  • Internal Zero/Span/Sample solenoids provided
  • Autocalibration & Validation check feature
  • Live Data Logger via RS232
  • Autoranging 0.00 – 20,000 ppm
  • 2 off Adjustable 4-20mA Outputs (Isolated – Passive)

50 Series Binary Stream Gas Analyser

The 50 Series Binary Stream Gas Analyser from AGC Instruments is the only gas analyser available than can measure greater than 500 ppm and less than 500ppm N2 in H2 which eliminates the expense and time constraints associated with typical gas chromatographs. N2, H2, He, CO2, Ar or other gases can also be measured in Binary gas mixtures or pure gases. Throught he use of solenoid values, drift has been eliminated as a constant reference to Zero Gas is used for greater accuracy and temperature control of the measuring sensor provides excellent stability. The LCD touch screen interface provides all diagnostic functions with ease.

Key Features

  • 5.7″ QVGA LCD Display
  • Alarm/Fault Status LED
  • Direct value reading – % or ppm
  • Autovalidation/Autocheck
  • Choice of TC Detectors with low sensitivity
  • Temperature Controllers options
  • Solenoid for switching of Auto Zero/Span Gas
  • 2 off 4-20mA Outputs
  • Rack, wall mount and purged versions available

Series 100 SED Gas Analyser

AGC’s SED Gas Analyser measures the sample gas continuously and is therefore the only true on-line gas analyser solution in contrast to our competitors who monitor the Zero Gas and then switch over to the Sample/Product Gas at intervals. Therefore, time lapses can result in production problems and QC problems should a fault happen which is eliminated in the AGC SED. Furthermore, less maintenance, such as replacing switching mechanisms, is required with AGC’s analyser due to continuous measurement as opposed to switching between reference and sample gases. The emission wavelength intensity of the Nitrogen molecule is selected to determine the trace amount of Nitrogen in Argon or Helium Matrix Gas. The response is proportional to the nitrogen concentration in low ppb to high ppm range. Using a spectral emission technique, a unique quartz ionisation chamber is utilised in which the sample gas is ionised by a high frequency tuned oscillator with the resultant emission wavelength intensity of the nitrogen component is directed through a narrow band pass filter and is detected via a photomultiplier tube.

Key Features

  • Spectral Emission technique using a unique Quartz Ionisation Chamber
  • Fast specified response time of less than 60 seconds (96%) from 0.01 to 10ppm
  • Range of 0.01 – 50ppm
  • Digital Output Display
  • MDL of 0.01ppm
  • Accuracy of better than 0.01% of full scale
  • Fittings: 2 x 1/8″ VCR inlets 2 x 1/8″ Swagelok outlets
  • 4 signal alarm contacts (Voltage Free)

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