Process Gas Chromatograph

AGC NovaPRO Process Gas Chromatograph 
The NovaPRO Process Gas Chromatograph is a custom built solution to your exact specifications and ensures a continuous high resolution analysis of the Sample Streams being monitored. This is achieved by recreating an exact environment within the specially designed enclosure to enable the real-time analysis in the hazardous area. With AGC’s independent temperature controlled column ovens, an accurate temperature environment is provided for the selected columns for a variety of temperature zones. Columns available are Packed, Micro-packed and Capillary with each chosen carefully to match the application in question. The explosion-proof, EExP (purged) design is ideal for continuous analysis in the harshest of environments with reliable and consistent results consistently achieved. Furthermore, the system that runs and interfaces with the NovaPRO PGC is a highly intelligent platform that has been carefully designed through interaction with our customers. Based on the professional embedded operating system and run on a rugged industrial embedded computer solution, the TrendVision PRO chromatography software controls all aspects of the analytical and reporting requirements.

Key Features


  • Explosion Proof for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Fitted with Purge Controller to EExP standards (non – ATEX Safe Zone Version available)
  • Large Capacitive Colour Touch Screen Display for ease of use
  • Mild Steel Enclosure in Free Standing Floor Mount or Wall Mounted options
  • Analysis from % to ppm to ppb available
  • Modern Embedded Industrial Computer Control with embedded operating system:
    TrendVision PRO
  • Auto Validation of the PGC Values displayed as DPM/Trend-Lines/ Chromatogram
  • 4-20mA outputs, Profibus, Modbus, Modbus over TCPIP communications available – RS232, RS485 and Ethernet
  • Segregated Power, Signal Alarms, Communication cables and Junction Boxes with Electronic Pressure and Flow Controls
  • 8 Independent Temperature Controlled Column Ovens with Temperature Ramp Chromatography
  • Gas lines fitted with flow check alarms and Vici Valco® valves for extended life usage
  • Easy to service with regeneration of columns in-situ for a low cost of operation
  • Internal Cooling of enclosure available
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials Options
  • Seamless Integration onto a Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Sample Stream Selection with Single Channel or Dual Channel Configurations
  • Small Foot Print and Retro Fits with other Manufacturers’ Units
  • Power: 110VAC – 230VAC

AGC NovaCHROM Gas Chromatograph
The NovaCHROM boasts one of the quickest detector response times and is fully automated with an integrated diagnostics system. This is as a result of years of experience in high gas sensitivity Gas Chromatography specific for the analysis of impurities in a matrix gas. With five detectors to choose from (DID, ADD, FID, TCD and FPD), the NovaCHROM utilises the latest advanced technologies to provide our customers with precise results as the interactive touch screen uses an easy-to-use user interface for guided functionality. The packed columns with their multiple column ovens and individual temperature controllers also maintain exceptional stability, sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability. The drop down front panel provides easy access to electronics for quick and seamless servicing requirements. Furthermore, the regeneration of columns in-situ and optimised consumption of carrier and supply gases provide a low cost of ownership and long life span.

Key Features


  • Detection to 1 ppb (application dependent)
  • Customised Chromatography Solutions
  • Quick Detector Response Times
  • Long term Stability & Sensitivity
  • Large Colour 6.5” LCD Touch Screen
  • Fully Automated Use
  • Integrated Configurable Alarms System and Diagnostics System
  • Electronic Pressure Control of Carrier Gas
  • Multi-Column Ovens with Individual Temperature Control using different column switching technologies such as Backflush, Heartcut and Precut
  • Data Handling Control by TrendVision PLUS Software of both the GC and any ancillary components
  • Increased Connectivity via RS-232, RS-485 and Field BUS communications
  • Drop Down Front Panel for easy access to electronics
  • Compact 19” Rack Design suited for space saving installations as single modules or mini systems
  • Designed with industrial interfaces for rack integration as new cabinets or as replacement units
  • Designed for both batch-type analysis and continuous monitoring
  • Ideal for Process environments with Status Signal, Alarm contacts, Remote Operation requirements

NovaCHROM Range

NovaCHROM 1000 with Discharge Ionisation Detector (DID)

NovaCHROM 2000 with Argon Discharge Detector (ADD)

NovaCHROM 3000 with Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)

NovaCHROM 4000 with Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)

NovaCHROM 5000 with Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)

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